1. 1. Security is one of our highest priorities to protect our students, staff, parents, and whoever visits our school. We have CCTV all over the school, security guards, supervisors, and assistants to uphold the highest level of security.
  2. 2. Health means a lot to us. Our in-house doctor advices employees and students to maintain a low level of absence amongst our staff and students. Bathrooms are also monitored to ensure a high level of hygiene.
  3. 3. A good learning environment is also a high priority in our schools. If we provide a good environment for our employees and students, we can focus on the students’ educational goals.
  4. 4. Extra-curricular activities like sport, arts, and writing that fall outside the regular curriculum are also offered to our students. This helps boosting a natural interest in learning, and build friendships and leadership skills in the students.


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Our campus in Sulaimany is located in the prestigious and residentially exclusive Pasha City. Recognized for the strong sense of community and connectedness amongst students, teachers and families alike, CESK is proud of the unique and enduring sense of belonging it promotes.


Pasha City, Sulaimany,


Phone: +964 770 053 4477 Phone: +964 770 053 7444