Admissions Process
We trust the following information will assist every prospective family and student in understanding our admissions procedures including all the necessary documentation required to process an application for admission.
Together with the completed Application for Admission form, all applicants must provide:
• Copy of ID
• Two passport photographs
• Copy of previous school reports
• Copy of medical and vaccination report
• Completed Medical Emergency form
Successful admission to Cambridge International School will depend on providing all relevant documentation.
To ensure our school is capable of meeting every student’s academic and personal needs, all applications must be supported with copies of school report cards or transcripts from the previous academic years. Applicants can disclose additional documentation of achievements or reports relating to the applicant’s ability to successfully learn in a regular school environment.
Diagnostic Tests 
All applicants seeking admission to Cambridge International School from Grade 1 and up are required to take written diagnostic tests in English and Mathematics. The diagnostic test fee is 50 USD. The test helps to determine the student’s level. The passing percentage for diagnostic tests is 50%.
The language of instruction and communication at CESK is English. Students seeking admission are expected to be proficient users of English appropriate to their age and in line with the language requirements at their grade-level. An appropriate degree of English proficiency in the academic as well as the communicative language will be necessary for any prospective student.
Please note that written tests in English and Mathematics are not administered to students seeking enrolment in Early Childhood or Grade 1 classes. At this level, admission will be determined by the principal after reviewing the Application for Admission Form, all subsequent documentation, and interviewing the student and the parents. Parents are requested to apply as early as possible as there is no deadline for the application. Seats depend on the availability at each school.


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